Broken Cauldron

Bubble bubble...

Toil and Trouble...

15th Harvester, Starday

*The Broken Company reviews the attack and what they now know of Morpheo’s father. The party decides to procure some protections for Promont while they seek out the members of the Inquisition.

16th Harvester, Sunday

*Before the sun, the party heads into Murkhaven’s Merchant Quarter. Ilsa and Dour do their shopping by the wharf, while Morpheo and Cereanos head to see Stasia at the Bottled Bouquet. Sloke elects to remain at Promont.
*The girls haggle prices at Sveth’s Savory Stock, while the gentleman inquire the alchemist’s aid in any information regarding the Scarlet Inquisition.
*In passing, Stasia first mentions that Agahi would travel across the loch seeking strange magics on occasion, and that mysterious lights can be seen glimmering through the fog.
*Upon leaving the Bouquet, the Broken Company make their way to the Lady’s Lounge for a bit of rumor-chasing.
*At the Lady’s Lounge, the Broken Company hears further rumors of the lights across the bay, and they decide to investigate. A strange cloaked figure and a wide-eyed street urchin in the Lounge pay keen attention to the goings on.
*Back at Promont, the Company discovers a carriage parked outside. Going into their home they find Faust and Snatch, the patrons of the Lounge, sitting confused in their dining room.
*The Company elects to invite Snatch and Faust with them. Faust seems to have knowledge of necromantic arts, and Snatch was raised on the streets of Murkhaven and knows the area well. Dour offers to stay at home to watch over Promont.
*Heading out past Murkhaven, by way of Faust’s carriage, the city falls away as the party encroaches upon the lowlands that flood most of the peninsulas surrounding the loch. A light fog hazes over the area.
*The carriage is tipped over by a giant creature of the marshes. In dimwitted frustration it attacks the party and is quickly reduced to bones by the efforts of the Company and Faust’s loyal skeletal minions.
*Snatch offers to scout ahead with her companion Qat, and finds herself suddenly sinking into a hidden bog of quicksand. Cereanos, in his attempt to rescue her, finds himself in his own pit. A nest of giant stirges nearby take advantage of this opportunity to feast upon the party.
*Deeper in the swamp, the waters rise too high for the carriage. The party continues on foot, and finds strange altars to Elder primordial gods on the hillocks.
Following the strange lights, the party finds themselves under attack by a pair of aquatic ogres- merrow, and their giant gar pet. Snatch is eaten alive, but manages to escape the gar’s hunger. Cereanos nearly falls to the teeth of the beast before the creatures are felled.
*Faust returns to Promont with Ilsa to resupply and acknowledge a feeling of dread Ilsa has pertaining to Sloke. Snatch, Morpheo, and Cereanos press on.
*The Broken Company comes upon a caged creature watched over by marsh giant guards. Morpheo scares one giant to death and the rest of the company dispatches the remaining guard. The caged creature is a human by the name of Gavyn Morgannan, in the Murkhaven Swamp at behest of his goddess. Gavyn accompanies the Broken Company deeper into the bog.
*Will-o-wisps pulls the Company further into the gloom. At a monolith, a Marsh champion awaits them. Telling the party he is called Gog, he informs them that he is to prepare them for his mistress. With his dying breath Gog calls Cereanos “cousin.”



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