Broken Cauldron

Notable NPCs
Yorrick ~ Human wizard (m)


Female Oni


Slya ~ Witchfire (f)


Marquise Mother Superior Celune ~ Half-Elf inquisitor of Deep Shaselas (f)


Father Athrux ~ Half-Elf cleric of Deep Shaselas (m)


Stasia ~ Human alchemist (f)


Horst ~ Human blacksmith expert (m)


Mila ~ Human monk (f)


The Oathmaker ~ Kolyarut inevitable


Flipthantopolitus the Destroyer ~ Young Psuedodragon (m)


Rugpug ~ Homunculus


Aghai ~ Human advanced ghost wizard (m)


Clothos ~ Night hag


Atropos ~ Night hag oracle


Lachesis ~ Night hag


Malvolio ~ Advanced animate dream (m)


Orion ~ Aasimar inquisitor (m)


Ravel Puzzlewell ~ Night hag sorcerer/witch


Gog ~ Marsh giant barbarian (m)

Bogda ~ Sea hag (f)

Farkus ~ Gnome ex-ranger (m)

When shall we three meet again In thunder, lightning, or in rain?
Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.

21st Goodmonth, Freeday 585

  • Party enters small settlement of Shimmerdale
  • Ogres tear through town, demolishing part of the Shaved Werewolf tavern and kidnap children
  • The mayor hires the party to retrieve the lost daughters
  • After clearing the ogre cave, the “female ogre mage” tricks the party with illusions and disappears
  • Returning the four girls to the town, the party is handsomely rewarded and treated as heroes

25th Goodmonth, Godsday 585

  • Growing weary of his host Yorrick, Cereanos treats himself to a few magical baubles
  • Yorrick and a small mob of villagers attempt to arrest the party, and after failed negotiations by Sloke the party flees to the Western woods.
  • Losing their way, mysterious circumstances lead the trio towards a bog in the forest
  • Reaching the Mound of Syla, the party meets Morpheo and battles the fiery undead witch, who has a particular interest in Cereanos

26th Goodmonth, Waterday 585

  • Morpheo leads the party to the dock-town of Murkhaven
  • Supplies are purchased from the market and spirits are renewed at Loreli’s bathhouse and the Lady’s Lounge
  • Rumors abound of the local haunt Promont, which after resting the party decides to investigate
  • Promont tests the strength of the party and after a few hours of searching, they make camp within its halls

27th Goodmonth, Earthday 585

  • An uneasy night passes as the party wakes in Promont, ready to explore more rooms
  • A chance encounter gleans insight to solving the mysteries of Promont and its creator
  • After searching for hours, the party yet again takes solace in one of Promont’s many many rooms

28th Goodmonth, Freeday 585

  • The party is startled awake as Cereanos succumbs to the curse of the wereshark’s bite and lashes out!
  • After resolving the shark attack and resting, the party elected to explore upstairs while Sloke remained behind to heal.
  • Upon facing a copper dragon, she challenges the party to a game of hide and seek. While Morpheo, Dour, and Cereanos hid splendidly, poor Sloke was left unawares and eaten.
  • In the Master Bedroom, the party meets the ghost of the powerful wizard Agahi, and learns more of how Promont came to be a magical oddity. Agahi beseeches them to find all of the pieces of his artifact repetoirre so he can be at peace.
  • As the sun begins to set, the final clues fall into place and Promont’s original owner is restored, Agahi grants the party a boon as well as the deed to his home before finding eternal peace.

6th Harvester, Earthday

  • Marquise Mother Superior asks the Broken Company if paying townsfolk can be given a tour of the halls of Promont.

10th Harvester, Moonday

  • Under the cover of a rainy night, a town guard arrives at Promont and hires the Broken Company to investigate strange goings-on in a warehouse on the docks
  • The party scouts the warehouse and finds the half-orc fishmongers are a front for something more sinister
  • In a deep hidden room beneath the sea level, the party disbands a small unknown cult and lays waste to their watery minions
  • After rescuing the pearl divers, Ilsa joins the Broken Company

11th Harvester, Godsday

  • The Broken Company collects their reward from the Marquise and the grateful pearl divers then returns to Promont to recuperate.

13th Harvester, Earthday

  • On an otherwise eventless afternoon, the party suddenly falls unconscious into magical slumber
  • Awakening the party finds themselves enveloped in the misty shrouds of the plane Ethereal. Among them is the ghostly visage of Sloke
  • While the party gets their bearings, they stumble upon a grandeur dream of the mighty Flipthantopolitus and realize the inherent perils of dreaming mortal minds
  • Passing through a hazy version of Murkhaven the party falls prey to a nest of phase spiders in the deep ethereal
  • Though they advanced with hostility, the members of the Broken Company were surprised to find their presence was anticipated by strange beings within the spiders’ nest
  • Many questions answered but many more raised when the party met with the Grey Sisters, a coven of Night Hags who know a network of secrets about each member
  • At the behest of the sisters, the party heads deeper into the ethereal plane, seeking their destiny, a way home, and Morpheo’s elusive father

14th Harvester, Freeday

  • Morpheo grants the party respite to rest and gather themselves before heading deeper into the ether.
  • An unsleeping Sloke watches as incorporeal haunts drift in the foggy plane
  • Refreshed, the Broken Company drifts on through the mists, and encounter a hunting party of xill devouring an animate dream
  • An idle tug at Sloke’s essence gives the party an edge of direction
  • Hanging in the void is an elaborate palace in the shape of an onyx heart. Ghosts and ethereal creatures swarm the effigy in a cloud of green energy
  • The otherworldly pull draws Sloke and the party ever closer, as he lights upon the surface, Sloke sinks into the violet-black stone in an emerald wave
  • One by one the party sets down upon the bay platform of this massive structure, and a fissure opens, only to snap shut behind each member individually
  • With the corridors, the corporeal members of the Broken Cauldron face their worst nightmares, alone against scenarios and horrors without the support of their allies
  • Cereanos is pitted against animate dreams guised as Abyssal monstrosities challenging his mortality. Once the warrior accepts the inevitable fate of his own demise, the balor’s weapon shatters and Cereanos passes through a portal
  • Dour walks down a dark corridor, framed by various undead; ghouls, zombies, and skeletons. Every step Dour takes saps her awesome strength until she reaches a dream wearing the mask of tiefling who challenges her to weapon combat. Dour attempts to vanquish her fear of weakness, but falls to her nightmare’s blade
  • Ilsa finds herself in a arena where she is forced to destroy her eidolon, the one entity she trusts more than any other. She puts down her lifelong companion as her portal opens
  • Cereanos, Dour, and Ilsa all find themselves in the same courtroom where Morpheo hangs in a torpor surrounded by violet energy and Sloke stands silently vigilant amongst other guardian ghosts
  • The Broken Company meets Malvolio, the Nightmare King animate dream and father of Morpheo. Granting the party boons for passing his tests, Malvolio offers advice and a way home before exiting his court
  • Before the party can leave, a gate opens where a group of crimson-clad witch hunters march forth led by the Aasimar Orion, calling themselves the Scarlet Inquistion
  • Noted among their ranks is Yorrick, the wizard Cereanos betrayed
  • As members of the Inquistion fall, Orion takes his exit, leaving Yorrick to the party’s machinations
  • After a swift interrogation and murder of Yorrick, the Broken Company steps through Malvolio’s portal and returns home to Promont, now aware of dangers that hunt them.

Reference Calendar
Starday = Saturday
Godsday = Tuesday
Waterday = Wednesday
Earthday = Thursday
Freeday = Friday

Godsday is the day of worship, Freeday is a day of relaxing, all others are workdays.

Needfest Festival
Fireseek = January (Winter)
Readying = February (Spring)
Coldeven = March (Spring)
Growfest Festival
Planting = April (Low Summer)
Flocktime = May (Low Summer)
Wealsun = June (Low Summer)
Richfest (Midsummer) Festival
Reaping = July (High Summer)
Goodmonth = August (High Summer)
Harvester = September (High Summer)
Brewfest Festival
Patchwall = October (Autumn)
Ready’reat = Novemeber (Autumn)
Sunsebb = December (Winter)


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