Broken Cauldron

The fog ... in whose fenny labyrinth The bittern booms and heron wades

Fountain-head and source of rivers ... Spirit of lakes and seas and rivers

16th Harvester, Moonday

  • The Broken Company awakes under the Tooth of Dagon and decides to head deeper into the Witchlight Bog.
  • The fen-lanterns continue to draw the party deeper into the swamp. The sounds of chanting filters through the cypress trees.
  • Marsh denizens dance and chant around a bonfire, ritually summoning the will of their dark Abyssal master, Father Dagon. The Company, after attempting to pepper off a few of the cultists and silence the leader, are approached by a revolting sea hag. Calling herself Bodga, she speaks directly to Cereanos and bids him and his companions to parley with her inside of her hut.
  • Inside of the hut, more questions are asked than answered. Bogda tells the magus that she is his aunt, and that he was born out of prophecy to her sister Keta and their leader Lyssa. He lacks memories of his former life because Lyssa baptized him in the River Styx, a black river that runs through the Lower Planes. The pauldron that Cereanos has never parted with, is said to be a piece of the Black Cauldron, the original crucible used by the dark goddess Cegilune and her daughters. Bogda tells the group that Dagon gave them the pauldron centuries ago, for reasons unknown, and Lyssa saw fit to pass it to her son.
  • Exiting the Witchlight Bog, the Company make their way back to Murkhaven and to Promont. Cereanos discovers the foul nature of a necklace taken from Bogda’s Hut. With reluctance, Cereanos indebts himself to Marquise Mother Superior Celune to remove the cursed periapt.
  • In the market, Cereanos is given a parcel by a crimson-clad stranger. Upon examination, the writ is a dark red message inscribed upon a piece of purple flesh similar to that of Dour’s.
  • Returning to Promont, Morpheo, Cereanos, Snatch, and Gavyn find that Faust’s carriage is absent, as well is Faust himself, Ilsa, and Dour. Interpreting the message on the skin, the party believes their companions have been kidnapped by the Scarlet Inquistion and are being held near Shimmerdale.
  • Heading North, when the Broken Company finally makes camp, they are beset by a pack of ghouls with yet another message, informing them that they are on the right track, but time is running out.

17th Harvester, Godsday

  • As the Broken Company scouts into the Western Woods, the half-drow Snatch quickly regrets stumbling upon a resting dire bear and is nearly slain.



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